Off-Grid Lighting Organizations and Initiatives

There are many organizations that have been established that focus on off grid lighting in developing countries.  For example, the en.lighten initiative serves to bring together countries to exchange information and identify & establish best practices for off grid lighting (  The Lumina project is another effort to present information and identify products to provide off grid lighting solutions in developing areas (  Finally, The Global Off Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) is yet another important organization dedicated to bringing lighting to areas that do not have a reliable grid connection  (
Wireless Environment was founded on the idea that our approach to off grid lighting can be an energy efficient and cost effective solution to these problems.  We believe in the future of off grid lighting.  As advances in battery, solar cells and fuel power combined with the advances in LED light sources are integrated into products, the problems facing those in the world without reliable lighting will fade into the past.  We have great respect for these organizations and others dedicated to this effort.  Our Mr Beams® LED lighting products serve as one effective, proven solution.  Our vision for and R&D development in grid connected lighting that can be taken off the grid when needed is another.  We look forward to continue to bring products to the market that are fully off grid LED lights and hybrid off grid lights that can go off the grid when needed to be part of the off grid lighting solution.
Karen WalkerOff-Grid Lighting Organizations and Initiatives