Compact Emergency LED Drivers

Metal-driver-LRThe Wireless Environment MB2100 Series Compact Emergency LED Drivers provide an intelligent battery backup for a wide array of LED light fixtures compliant to emergency lighting specifications. These drivers are ideal for manufacturers for both commercial and residential LED luminaires for factory installation; however, they can be customized for both new installations and retrofits. The drivers are available in a wide range of output power levels, from 7 Watt max up to 26 Watt max, that allows flexibility for any application, from recessed LED cans to troffers. The drivers utilize an external battery pack that is customizable for various applications and power requirements. Additionally, their compact size permits installation in areas and fixture housing where space is limited.

Wireless Environment has acquired 19 patents for its technology and has launched successful product lines for both residential and commercial needs, including intelligent solutions for battery backup for lighting fixtures that offer lighting manufacturers new ways to differentiate their products by taking them off the grid. Our vision for taking lighting off the grid and our unique technology to do so enable applications in the lighting industry that have not been previously available to fixture manufacturers. In addition to UL924, Wireless Environment is developing specialized battery backup and intelligent lighting drivers incorporating its SwitchSense®, NetBright®, ReadyBright® and ReadyVolt™ technology. The product line will include LED drivers and inverters to allow battery backup and other specialized intelligent functions to be added to any HID, FL or LED luminaire.


Emergency Lighting Application through a Wide Array of Light Fixtures

  • Troffers
  • Recessed Cans
  • Ceiling Light Fixtures
  • Hallways and Stairwell Fixtures
  • New Construction and Retrofits

Key Features

  • Wide Output Voltage Range
  • Small Size
  • Separate Battery Pack for Design Flexibility
  • Low Cost Solution
  • UL924 Compliant

LED Driver Technology Information

  • Input Voltage – 85 to 277VAC, 60Hz
  • Input Power – 3 Watts
  • Output Voltage – 12.0 to 40.0 VDC
  • Output Current – 200mA, 400mA, 600mA
  • Output Power – 7.0W, 14.0W, 20.0W (Maximum)
  • Battery Pack – External NiMH Battery Pack
  • Dimensions – 5.2” x 1.5” x 1.1”
  • Weight – 1.3 lb.
Lauren KempertCompact Emergency LED Drivers