Our ReadyBright® power outage system provides innovative emergency lighting so you don’t have to be in the dark when the power goes out. The 2013 Good Housekeeping VIP award winning system is a safe alternative to candles and lamps and lasts 40 continuous hours on one set of batteries for prolonged power outages.

Using a remote/flashlight as the “brain” of the system, it can sense when power is lost when it’s plugged into any outlet and automatically turns on any ReadyBright light within 70 feet, making it an easy solution to home power outages or excellent supplemental lighting to emergency lighting in commercial buildings.


RB-Mother&sonHallway-BLOGProduct features include:

  • Power Outage Activated
  • Manual/Remote control activated (with MB220 Remote/Flashlight)
  • Auto shut-off (the system will shut off after 30 minutes of no motion)
  • Battery-powered lights that provide up to 40 hours of light on one set of batteries
  • Ability to set up multiple zones to control lights on different frequencies




Popular applications:

  • Home Safety Lighting for Power Outages
  • Supplemental Emergency Lighting for office buildings and retail stores 

See more about the ReadyBright® power outage lights.

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