Luminaires and lamps with the SwitchSense® Technology can detect the difference between a power outage and an open light switch, eliminating the need for separate wiring. This technology has major benefits for adding emergency lighting in retrofits.



A SwitchSense® battery backup LED driver works in conjunction with an AC LED driver to add a battery backup to new or existing LED luminaires or lamp. The patented SwitchSense technology eliminates the need to wire an unswitched connection to the controlling switch. The embedded switch sensing capability allows a luminaire or lamp to be installed as a retrofit making use of existing wiring to add power outage lighting functionality to the luminaire.

SwitchSenseUntitled-2 Functionality:

The switch sensing circuitry is built into a lighting product . The switch sensing circuitry actively interrogates the AC power connection to determine whether the switch is open or closed when power is not applied. If the power is not applied and the switch is open, the switch sensing circuitry will keep the light source turned off. If power is not applied and the switch is closed, the switch sensing circuitry will apply power to the battery backed LED driver and will turn the light source on.

Advantages of SwitchSenseUntitled-2:

A SwitchSense® capable luminaire or lamp provides an intelligent battery backup that knows the difference between the light switch turned off and a true power outage. There is no connection to unswitched power required. Because of this, a SwitchSense capable luminaire or lamp is a simple retrofit that does not require a change to the existing wiring. This makes it ideal for residential power outage applications and commercial applications that are not required to meet code but would benefit in having a battery backup. Since SwitchSense actively determines the position of the switch during a power outage, the controlling switch will still be able to turn on and off the luminaire or lamp allowing a user to preserve battery life and usable illumination by only turning on the light when needed.


Bulb Adapter

The Mr Beams® Bulb Adapter stores power and lights up lamps and bulbs during a power outage. Wireless Environment’s patented SwitchSense technology allows the Bulb Adapter to detect a power outage through the light switch, enabling it to power a lamp for up to 3 hours during a power outage while being controlled by the switch. 

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