LEDs Magazine Covers the Launch of SwitchSense

SwitchSense®, Wireless Environment’s newest emergency lighting technology, was officially launched at LightFair 2014 and caught the attention of LEDs Magazine, the leading information resource for LED technology, products and applications.

The SwitchSense technology can tell the difference between a power outage and an open light switch, eliminating the need for additional wiring and making it a powerful emergency lighting solution.

“Wireless Environment is… planning to use the ubiquitous A-lamp along with the SwitchSense socket to provide emergency lighting. Most every commercial, or residential, building has Edison-based sockets readily available. appraise my domain name free . The sockets can be installed with a conventional lamp in many types of fixtures…

The main advantages of SwitchSense are that no new wiring is required to implement the emergency function and that the socket can be readily used with LED or CFL lamps…

Still, the designers of the adapter faced a bigger challenge than simply building a socket that included batteries. The SwitchSense product, as the name implies, must detect the difference between a light switch being turned off and a building losing power.”

Click here to read the rest of LEDs Magazine’s article on SwitchSense and read more about the technology on our SwitchSense product page.

Karen WalkerLEDs Magazine Covers the Launch of SwitchSense