Wireless Environment LLC is a leading innovator in optimizing battery embedded designs to provide backup and emergency power to LED light fixtures.  Wireless Environment also develops and sells a line of motion-sensing battery-powered LED lights for the consumer and commercial markets under the Mr Beams®, ReadyBright® and NetBright® brands that customers can install anywhere without adding extra wiring.  Wireless Environment has been focused on battery embedded and battery backup design, including SwitchSense technology since 2006.  The electrical architecture and design of these battery backup LED driver solutions often leverage intellectual property filed by Wireless Environment.

Customizing back-up batteries for LED lighting


  • Creating dedicated UL924 emergency fixtures
  • Detecting the difference between a power outage and a switch opening without additional wiring 
  • Supplemental WiLi™ (Wireless Lighting) Systems
  • Networking wired and wireless light fixtures 


Technology Licensing Program

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