NetBright Technology in Trade News

Wireless Environment launched NetBright®, technology that creates a private wireless communication network between networked lights and allows them to operate in coordination with each other, at LightFair 2014.

The NetBright technology will first be incorporated into the Mr Beams® Wireless Motion Sensor LED Spotlight, keeping with the Spotlight’s signature features (200 lumens, 20 second auto shut off, 30 foot motion sensing range and 400 square feet of light coverage per light). Up to 50 Spotlights can be connected in one NetBright network, and with the NetBright technology, once one Spotlight detects motion, it will send an ON command to all the other lights in the network. The last unit to detect motion will turn off after 20 seconds of inactivity and send an OFF command to the other lights.

Read more about the NetBright® technology here, and check out its trade coverage by LEDs Magazine, EE Times and Electrical News. Locate ip

Karen WalkerNetBright Technology in Trade News