Wireless Environment has developed numerous technology components and modules that enhance the performance of LED lighting products and systems. We design and manufacture products and also manufacture and sell components to allow light fixture manufacturers, lamp manufacturers and system integrators to utilize our technologies into their designs.



    Wireless Environment develops off the shelf and customized battery back-up units for lighting. Our proprietary technology can reduce costs significantly by eliminating much of the wiring that is needed for traditional battery back-up systems. It is flexible and adjustable. Products include SwitchSense®, LED Drivers for UL924 and Grid Shifting.

  • PT-icon-integratedcontrolsINTEGRATED CONTROLS FOR LAMPS

    Our components and software can place controls inside an LED lamp. This provides increased energy efficiency due to granularity. Wireless Environment places motion sensors, daylight sensors, receivers and programmability inside lamps for better convenience and efficiency. The lamps are plug and play, and are therefore scalable and less costly to install. 


    As experts in wireless networking, Wireless Environment can create wireless systems integrated into the lamps. The resulting system has a much lower start-up cost and is more economical for smaller spaces.


    Some Mr Beams® lighting products are available with Radio Frequency (RF) controls. Products with an RF feature will allow you to turn them on and off using a remote that looks much like your home light switch. This wireless switch/remote sends a radio signal to your lighting product, turning it on or off. A wireless light can be mounted anywhere on your wall using provided double-sided tape or screws.


    All Mr Beams® lights are set with an Auto Shut-Off feature to prevent battery drain. The Auto Shut-Off timer varies by product: Sconces have longer timers, while the Closet Light with Motion Sensor shuts off after two minutes of no motion.

  • PT-icon-BatteryPoweredWIRELESS & BATTERY POWERED

    Battery-Powered means our lighting products use batteries as an energy source so there is no wiring, no calling an electrician for installation, and no occupying an outlet. Wireless Environment technology can be used to create lighting solutions for locations where off-grid is a necessity or simply just a convenience. We are experts in maximizing the battery life of battery-powered lights, and can provide technology and components to help others create better lighting products.

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