SwitchSense Battery Backup Lighting

Patented SwitchSense adapter technology

We have been developing and patenting unique combinations of LED lighting products with intelligent sensors systems, battery backup and power management technology to create innovative emergency lighting for commercial and residential applications. Our solutions include:

  • Battery backup power within an LED fixture or bulb that can fit into conventional AC powered sockets. These lights are able to provide light in the event of power outage, and also can be used to reduce demand on the power grid by switching to battery power at peak times, then recharging off peak. 
  • Power outage detection through a light switch. Patented SwitchSense® technology eliminates the need for additional wiring to the main power by placing a module inside a light fixture or light bulb. 
  • Adjustable, cost effective UL924 battery backup driver solutions customized for the specific applications important to lighting manufacturers. 
  • Enabling a light source to store power internally and to shift between being on and off the grid when beneficial.


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