Wireless Environment Attending 2014 LightFair

Wireless Environment LLC is excited to present its exhibit for the first time at LIGHTFAIR International June 1-5, 2014, in Las Vegas, NV, where thousands of lighting industry professionals come to learn about the newest advances in lighting technology and groundbreaking products.

The startup, based just outside of Cleveland, OH, has been an innovator of LED lighting technology for off-grid applications since 2006, specializing in emergency lighting, grid-shifting, battery embedded and battery back-up design, and has developed an award-winning, best-selling product line. The company’s patented technology is focused on innovative emergency lighting, futuristic off-grid lighting concepts and energy management.  Their patent portfolio has grown quickly with 13 issued and 22 filed patents to date.

At the Wireless Environment booth, visitors will learn about the company’s key strengths; patented technology, product design and licensing opportunities.

It will also be introducing its latest technology, NetBright®, a line of intelligent networked security lighting. NetBright’s patented technology allows lights to create a network while operating in coordination with other lights in the system.  For the initial launch Wireless Environment will integrate the NetBright technology into one of Mr Beams’ top selling Spotlights. This system will be a must have for perimeter security light in both residential and commercial applications. The company has plans to expand this networked lighting capability into other lighting applications in the future.

Wireless Environment will be at booth #8201.  Please contact the company CTO Mike Recker at mike@wirelessenv.com to set up an appointment.

Lightfair Las Vegas

2014 Lightfair

Wireless Environment already has two successful direct-to-consumer product lines. The Mr. Beams® battery-powered, motion-sensing lights for indoor and outdoor use, which includes the number one selling wireless light on Amazon.com. The easy installation of the wireless lights makes them convenient for a variety of lighting needs with a growing number of commercial applications.

The second line of ReadyBright® Power Outage Lights was awarded the 2013 Good Housekeeping VIP Award. This intelligent system senses when power goes out and runs on batteries to provide hours of light for the home during power outages and supplemental light to commercial emergency lighting.

Karen WalkerWireless Environment Attending 2014 LightFair