Wireless Environment Debuts NetBright Technology at LightFair 2014

Wireless Environment, an innovator of LED lighting technology that optimizes performance in off-grid lighting applications, is debuting its newest patented technology, NetBright®, at LightFair 2014. NetBright uses radio frequency transceivers to allow lights to create a private wireless communication network and operate in coordination with other lights in a system.

The initial launch of NetBright will include integration into Wireless Environment’s Mr. Beams® brand of spotlights. The Mr. Beams Wireless Motion Sensor LED Spotlight will be the first product available with NetBright. When a Mr. Beams Wireless Motion Sensor LED Spotlight with NetBright detects motion it will automatically illuminate and send an ON message to other spotlights in its network triggering them to illuminate as well turning all of the lights in a group ON at the same time. The last unit to detect motion will turn off after 20 seconds of inactivity and send an OFF command to the other units turning all of the lights in a group OFF at the same time..

Each Mr. Beams NetBright Spotlight provides 200 lumens of energy efficient light with a runtime of 30 hours on one set of three D-cell batteries. Up to 50 spotlights can be connected in one NetBright network with a range of up to 150 feet. Separate channels can be created in a network to, for example, enable spotlights mounted on the rear of a building to operate independently of lights located on the side of the building.

The NetBright Spotlight can easily be wall mounted in just a few minutes, no electrician or wiring required. Ideal for residential or commercial applications, designed with tight water resistant seals and UV resistant material for operation in all weather conditions.

Karen WalkerWireless Environment Debuts NetBright Technology at LightFair 2014