Wireless Environment LLC – The Off Grid Lighting Company

Wireless Environment is an off-grid lighting company. Efficiencies in LEDs and advances in battery technology make off grid lighting a practical and a real solution to a number of lighting problems. There is a strong customer need for lighting that is off grid. For some customers, it is a completely wireless light – battery powered with wireless controls and a bright LED light source. site whois No electrician is required to install a light anywhere a customer needs it.

For other customers, the light is connected to the grid but there is an advantage to taking it off grid sometimes. Lights will use direct electricity most of the time and shift to stored power when it is advantageous like during a power outage or to reduce power consumption at times of peak demand.

There is no doubt that WiLi™ (wireless lighting) has a place in solving lighting problems that people have. We hear it from the customers of our Mr Beams® products – it is a sense of surprise that a product on the market could be easily installed, for the right price, that is bright enough and turns on automatically in a convenient way. We hear it from lighting manufacturers and specifiers when we have demonstrated more advanced hybrid power ideas for lighting manufacturers and at trade shows – people in the industry have not fully considered the benefits of more intelligent switching controls and off grid capabilities in grid connected lighting products.

We have been filing intellectual property and launching successful products in off-grid lighting since 2006. We are positioned to be a key player in the category of wireless lighting. We plan to protect and increase our company’s position in this category and believe strongly that the growth potential in off grid lighting is huge.

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